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Destination India

A country by name, but a continent in scale, India in one word is diversity, the land of incredible diversity which truly offers something for everyone. Spectacular architecture, heritage complexes, abandoned cities, remote indigenous communities, princely forts, palaces, havelis, mahals, bazaars and nature beyond imagination. Many destinations in India considered being the most beautiful places on planet Earth and many cities and towns in India with historical and architectural importance considered being the most visited places in the world, all these places are the ideal and best perfect destinations for charming holidays and experiences for the longest memories.

Your Trips with Shamrock Journeys

Destination India combines a set of vibrant history and culture with gorgeous natural scenery that includes scenic hills, beautiful beaches, pristine backwaters, dense jungles, vast endless deserts, unique architectural monuments, palaces and towns with historical importance. With Shamock Journeys, you’ll discover all this and much more; we design exclusive features for the best of exposer and experiences that help you lift the lid on this spectacular land, its amazing people and their incredible stories. Our tours aim to uncover cultural intricacies and connections across a wide range of subject areas and themes including art, architecture, archaeology, history, culture and natural image of this unique destination.